Schindler’s List; is it of historical value?

Films are a means of entertainment, a way through which one can travel through a different time and space. But is it always a realistic trip? Can we trust the images that we see in a historical film and take them in as a fact, something that actually happened?

By: Chrysa Simoni

Schindler’s list is an award winning film by Steven Spielberg made in 1993. It revolves around the Holocaust and the general situation in Poland after the Second World War. Spielberg is one of the most influential directors and has covered many genres; being mostly well known for his science fiction works, he started addressing other humanistic, historical issues such as the Holocaust later in his career. So knowing the director’s background, that his filmography is mainly science fiction, one can think that historical value may not be applied before even watching the actual film.

It can be said and realized that the film approaches the audience in an emotional way and has a purpose of moving them, appreciate their life and stop taking the situation that they live in for granted. So the emotional, non-documentary like perception that it offers the audience reduces its historical value.

Oskar Schindler, the historical figure who is the main character as well, was German and a member of the Nazi party. Despite the fact that he was a Nazi, he was clearly against the Holocaust and was so dedicated in saving as many Jewish people that were under threat as possible. His heroic stance is clearly shown in the film. He saved 1,200 people by creating a factory and giving them jobs, his will and dedication towards the Jewish population as shown in the film, is extraordinary. However, the fact that it focuses on a particular person’s perspective, (Oskar Schindler’s) limits the historical value as well, as we do not observe the situation in an objective way.

Concerning the place that the film mainly takes place; Poland, as we get to know more about what happened there and not in other concentration camps where the situation might be slightly different.

Despite the above, the main purpose of a film is to entertain, not to educate. Thus, one should turn to books and documentaries for a non-biased and totally objective opinion. However, if you want to have a general idea about the Holocaust, without exact facts, Schindler’s list is considered a must-watch. It is a very touching and symbolic film that aims to make you think deeply and appreciate life as it is.

Having studied History extensively and being interested in the subject of the Holocaust, as it is something that really interests me and moves me as a person, I have some other film suggestions based on it. After watching Schindler’s List you can go on and watch Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni, The Pianist by Roman Polanski and Sophie’s Choice, by Alan J. Pakula.

Films re-made, my thoughts concerning this cinematic fact

It keeps happening again and again nowadays. Already existing films create the basis and inspiration of a new film based on the exact same plot. Is it right to twist the original and emerge something new out of it?

By: Chrysa Simoni

I would name the original film as the inspiration of the new one. Despite the fact that it is a remake it is still different. It may use distinct ways of portraying a theme or even putting more emphasis on something not so important in the original one. So I would not say it constitutes an imitation or a copy but a new version of something already existing that should not be compared or criticized based on its pastiche.


There are many examples of films inspired by other films and mostly very well known or iconic ones. One example that immediately comes to mind is The Great Gatsby. All the Great Gatsby films derive from the novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (published in 1925) and the film that was created in 1974 constitutes an exact “depiction” of the novel. Let’s name the 1974 version of the film “old” and the 2013 version “new”. This remake is the example of a film adapting to the modern era that we live now while keeping the 20’s vibe as well. The plot, theme of vanity and the whole jazz age representation are exactly the same as the old version. However, there are some factors that affect the 20’s vibes such as the modern music used as a soundtrack and throughout the film as well. When it comes to the extravagancy in the old version, it is portrayed in a different way; the costumes as well as some props are modernized (houses, cars etc.) One could say that the new one aims to captivate the modern audience and even make it more “catchy” than the old version.


This modernization of the film might be either loved or loathed by different types of audiences. Some might say that it “destroys” the authenticity of the Jazz Age. I would say that the director has created an interesting but mixed image of the Jazz era of the 20’s with some modern elements that upgrade it.


To be completely honest I would not suggest this film if one wants to see a representative picture of the Roaring 20’s. I would definitely recommend watching both the two versions of the film so as comprehend the differences between them and realize how the time and circumstances under which a film is created can really affect it. Without a doubt, though, it can be said that new versions of films in general need great ideas and creativity as their basis as the audience expects so much from them (especially if the original one is so iconic as The Great Gatsby).


As read in the Huffington post, us, the audience, should not be mad at the entertainment industry for “updating” rather than “inventing”. Some other examples of re-made films are King Kong, Beauty and the Beast by Bill Condon, Disturbia by D. J. Karuso etc.

5 things that I have learnt from Films

Films (sometimes) are the reasons why some of us have false, unrealistic expectations. They may show unrealistic scenarios, beginnings and endings that probably will just never happen off camera, in everyday life. However, we learn through films, they encourage people to think and get to understand the moral of the story (there is not always one, sometimes you have to think and create one).

By Chrysa Simoni

  1. When it comes to love, there is not always a happy ending.

See The Way We Were (1973) as an example. One of the most famous romantic films, where Katie and Hubbell are so in love, but their political views beliefs separate them and drift them away from one another. Another example is Pocahontas (1995), were an Englishman, John Smith and Pocahontas, the daughter of an Algonquin chief fall in love but go to separate ways in the end due to their different lifestyles and beliefs. It is actually one of the few Disney films that shows love in a realistic way, not always ideal.


  1. Paris is the perfect setting for a film.

The Dreamers (2003) by Bernardo Bertolucci, Amelie (2001) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Midnight in Paris (2011) by Woody Allen are films that not only portray the lovely city in a very romantic and beautiful way but also capture the essence of Paris. That is simplicity, yet perfection in my opinion.


  1. Music is a way of connection.

500 days of Summer (by Marc Webb), elevator scene, is the first example that comes to mind. The specific scene is when the two protagonists Tom and Summer are in the same elevator and their first conversation took place. Tom was listening to the Smiths and their conversation went as follows:

Summer: “I love the Smiths”

Tom: “Sorry?”

Summer: “I said I love the Smiths, you have good taste in music!”

In my opinion one of the cutest ways to meet your other half.


  1. There is a story behind the antagonist, too, and it is not always his fault that he turned “bad”.

Maleficent (by Robert Stromberg) is a film example that portrays the situation through the villain’s point of view. She is a character that most of us are already familiar to; she is characterized as the “mistress of evil” in Sleeping Beauty. However, in Maleficent her evil actions are explained by what she has been through in her earlier life. Due to the fact that she was not only heartbroken but taken advantage of by a person that she trusted affected her throughout her life and made her think that people have cruel intentions. So we basically understand that her evil character is a protection mechanism.


  1. With a good friend by your side, you always have support and much more fun.

Although Thelma and Louise (by Ridley Scott) is a film that has a strong basis on gender issues, feminism and masculinity it can remind you that by having a good friend you get support through the good and the bad. In the film, Thelma and Louise decide to take a break from their everyday, quite boring lives, and take a road trip that turns out “deadly” and very adventurous. The support they give to one another throughout their journey is truly remarkable.

Films are not only a means of entertainment. They may hide a whole philosophy behind them ready for the audience to explore. The fact that a film leaves such a broad space for different interpretation is encouraging for people to get to their own conclusions and create their own moral of the story. Films reflect life and life is reflected on films and by watching a film, you get to see through another person’s eyes, which is truly astonishing.

54.9k Insta-experiences

What a shock it must be to receive a message from Instagram saying that your account is suggested by it. Dimitris Kosmidis, a greek medicine undergraduate shows that you can be great at so many different fields at the same time by being creative and following your state of mind (and he now has 54.9k followers)

Warning! The photographs below are going to blow your mind and will make you want to travel asap!

Q&A with my friend Dimitris Kosmidis 


What is the main inspiration behind your great photographs?

I could write a million things about this question (photographers, instagrammers, bloggers, instant inspo, my aesthetics etc). However, I’ll try to put the matter in a nutshell. I am totally having a love affair with nature’s beauty, all the tiny and great wonders this world offers for us to discover. This is what motivates me to travel, shoot & fit in just a frame what my eyes see.

12305735_10207064707969690_156559859_n 12319256_10207064708009691_411841432_n












Was it your goal to be Instagram suggested or did it just happen?

The truth is I didn’t quite know what exactly is “Instagram Suggested User’s List” and how it works, until it knocked on my door. When it comes to Instagram or other blog-like sites, I just post my work or whatever I’m into and if I’m lucky enough the rest follows.





Where is the ultimate destination for you?

There is no such thing as ultimate destination for me, more like paths leading to constantly new places to discover. I don’t know where all this is heading to, I am definitely not orienting it to any particular goal and by all means I do follow my instinct and feeling wherever it takes me.









Do you plan to build up your career on social media?

I use social media as a way out of -the often- dull reality. It keeps me inspired and it’s an alternative way for your mind to travel when your body can’t. So, no I don’t plan building my career on social media but I do believe it can help in any career. It spreads the word 😉


If you were asked to describe your self in 3 words what would these be?

It is difficult to fit a human-being’s personality in just 3 words but I’ll do my best:

  1.  traveler (keep exploring the world)
  2.  gentle (in love with random acts of kindness)
  3.  weirdo (not quite sure how people put up with me)














Being Instagram famous can be considered to be an accomplishment nowadays.

How to do it?

Follow Dimitris’ footsteps by  getting out of your comfort zone, having fun, travelling, being creative, living and do it for yourself, not your followers 🙂

Follow @dim_kosm  for more inspiration xx


A flâneur in London

I always find myself capturing random moments (or asking friends to capture me doing something random 😛 ) and I thought that it would be interesting if I made a post about my recent random photographs as a flaneur in London!

You may want to listen to this album before scrolling down, it is one of my favourites 🙂


Favourite street so far
Hello there! (Fendi keychain)
Coat weather in London, (both mine and my friend’s are from Zara)
IMG_3388 1
IMG_3387 1
Because black is way to mainstream
Gingerbread latte as Christmas is around the corner!
@Breakfastclub Soho


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Guest Post:Talented friends

My friend, Stella Adamidou, is one of the most talented people I know! Anyone who sees her art pieces is impressed with her drawing skills. Her realistic way of portraying something combined with creativity creates beautiful results 🙂

Here are some examples of Stella’s amazing work together with her explanations on why she chose to make these specific pieces.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!


This is a recent drawing of mine! This is poison ivy from Batman in pin up style.



I am really interested in tattoos and this is why I have focused on tattoo art as well. I have been trained to give tattoos and I have actually given 3 already so I make a lot of tattoo-to-be drawings! So these can be considered to be potential tattoos.


This is actually a piece taken from my art exhibition back in high school. It is one of my favourites and this is why I decided to put it up here 🙂 This art piece brings to my mind the sense of “getting lost in order to find yourself”.


My favourite part of drawing a human figure is the hair and in this piece it draws most of the attention.


This is a drawing of Doe Deere, the CEO of lime crime cosmetics. She actually shared this on her Instagram and Facebook page saying she wanted to frame it which made me really excited 🙂


I love anything made by Tim Burton, including the movie Corpse Bride. 


I think this piece is one of my favourite ones because it is very realistic!


Χωρίς τίτλο2


You may ask me why so many of Lana Del Rey but these are just 3 out of like 50!! She is a figure that I love drawing as she is beautiful and has a characteristic appearance.

By Stella Adamidou

Make sure to follow Stella on Instagram where she shares her amazing art


Kitty Ferreira: Sustainable and Ethical Fashion


So i had the opportunity to meet Valerie Goode. The creative mind, designer, writer, salesperson, PR and blogger behind the brand, Kitty Ferreira.

It all started in 2013, when the brand was launched at London Fashion week. It has won various awards from then until now.

One of the multiple reasons that this brand is interesting is because it connects sustainability and ethics with fashion and clothing and it aims to make a change for the better. Valerie Goode specifically said that one “should definitely look into sustainability and ethics through all industries.”

It is not a hippie look brand, it is the exact opposite; chic with very unique fabrics, including peace silk.


Make sure to check out the brand’s website, facebook, twitter and instagram:

Liebster Award


I am really excited to tell you that I am nominated for the Liebster award 😀 . This online award is given from blogger to blogger in order to show how much they enjoy reading one another’s blogs. It is really satisfactory getting support from your fellow bloggers!!

So I was nominated twice by Dila (check her blog here: dilaland) and Emilie (check her blog here: emilierytter). It was really exciting to be nominated by these two as their blogs are actually two of my favourites!

Dila’s blog is a lifestyle one focusing more on exploring London, making amazing recommendations and presenting her great ideas and experiences.

Emilie’s blog is a lifestyle one as well ! It inspires me to pursuit a healthy lifestyle as she shares amazing recipes free from sugar, wheat and gluten.

Well, the rules for the bloggers who are nominated are as follows:

  1. Make sure to thank the blogger who nominated you and link him on your post.
  2. Show the Liebster Award on your post.
  3. Answer the 10 questions you are being asked and then create your own list of 10 questions.
  4. Nominate other bloggers and make sure to notify them.

Firstly, here are my answers to Dila’s questions:

What makes you smile the most?

There are a lot of things that make me smile. My family and friends are the main reasons that I find myself smiling for. Also, many minor things during the day, from listening a song that I like on the radio, or by a person singing in the streets 🙂

How did you come up with your blog name?

So, my blog name, simoneyes, is actually a combination of my surname (Simoni) and my obsession with eyes. I also liked the way it sounded so I immediately went for it.

Where is your dream destination?

My dream destination would be anywhere tropical.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My inspiration comes from minor things mostly. I get creative and inspired by reading quotes sometimes. I also get inspired by people who are special to me.

Which language would you want to learn if you could learn it in a day?

Either French or Spanish.

What is your favourite dessert?

Pavlova and ice cream 🙂

What are your 3 favourite places in London?

I would say Covent Garden, Portobello Road and Regent’s park.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Mahatma Gandhi for sure, truly inspirational person!

How do you spend your free time?

Usually going for long walks, brunching and afternoon coffee with friends.

What is your motto?

I really like this motto that says : “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end”. 🙂

Additionally, these are my answers to Emilie’s questions:

What’s your go to snack food?

I try to keep it healthy by having either salads as a snack or granola bars.

Which song is currently stuck in your head?

Anything Taylor Swift (guilty pleasure).

What’s your favourite season of the year?

Every season has its own beauty, but my favourite one is Summer time for sure.

Name 3 of your favourite TV shows

American horror story (love)

Arrow (like)

90210 (guilty pleasure)

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Mentioned both of them above; Taylor Swift songs and 90210 series. I shouldn’t forget cheeseburgers as well 🙂

Name your favorite magazine

ID, W and Vogue

Nerdiest obsession?

Greek mythology 🙂

What’s your most creative feature?

I get creative with both writing and everyday rituals like finding what to wear etc. I am also a very creative dreamer 😛 my dreams always surprise me!!

What is one place you could visit again and again?

Rome for sure.

If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Decisions, decisions.. I don’t have a specific one in mind, but it would be something simple and not spicy.

I want to nominate the following bloggers:

  1. Xavier from Healthy Junk Food Blog
  2. Kristina from Brits and Russkies
  3. Declan from Trainers and Chai
  4. Roberta from thefashionoftheblonde

My 10 questions are:

  1. What is your daily inspiration?
  2. How would you spend a sunny Sunday in London?
  3. Coffee or Tea?
  4. What is your guilty pleasure?
  5. What is your favourite trend?
  6. Eating in or dining out?
  7. Where is your favourite place in the world?
  8. Would you prefer leaving in a busy city or a tropical island?
  9. What is your biggest fear?
  10. What is your favourite social media platform?

Movement as a concept by Isabel Marant

In my opinion Instagram is one of the best apps to explore your interests and favourite things. Isabel Marant is one of my favourite brands and I love coming across pictures of its products on my Instagram homepage when scrolling down.


I really like this collection of pictures all together as they all include realistic movement. These pictures are all about the Fashion Week 2015.

(The first row includes clothes of the Winter collection 2015 and the second one includes pictures used in different magazines representing the brand.)

Concepts are often difficult to find in advertising, but sometimes the simplest and most natural idea works the best 🙂